Conditions are prime for break to Corbett Tiger Reserve

Rs.7999/- Rs.5999/- Per Night Onwards

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3 Reasons to visit Jim Corbett National Park :
  1. The Corbett reserve now has 208 adult tigers, as against 163 in 2015-16.
  2. Asia's Oldest National Park and Tiger Reserve
  3. Clean & Green Corbett - With its area: of 1318.54 sq km and great biodiversity, and altitude of 385 m - 1100 m above MSLCorbett is paradise for Nature seekers from city's rising pollution levels.
3 Resons to be at Pagoda Manu Maharani Only :
  1. Value Packages Starting at Rs.5999/- Only with Complementary Upgrade.
  2. Nestled along the River Kosi, Pagoda is at the edge of Corbett Landscape.
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Offer this good, don't stay around forever!

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