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This monsoon, Y not travel to Corbett!

Pagoda Manumaharani corbett family holiday trip

Rains are the best time for elephant and tigers’ sighting; for they come out to enjoy and get drenched in nature’s showers.

Missing those rainy days when everyone used to come out of their respective abodes to get wet under the showering skies. Children playing and splashing rain water everywhere, while the fathers busy chatting with others and the mothers soaking in splitter-splatter rains.

If we never stopped enjoying rains, back in those days then why stop travelling in today’s time either!

And, what better to enjoy the monsoons, but in the lap of an ambience of wilderness in Corbett at the all-renovated Pagodas’s Manu Maharani Corbett Resort.

‘Call of the Forest’

During the monsoons, discover the ‘jungle’ in a whole different facet. All kind of hues and horizons stimulates the ambience not only colourful but vibrant and cheery.

Embark on an undisturbed sojourn among the serene forests of the park and its wildlife in the Jhirna region and its buffer areas that are open during monsoons.

Indulge in nature walks and discover some beautiful blooms due to the rains.

… and, a line of exciting activities to indulge in with family and friends.

‘Snack n Munch’

The newly renovated Pagoda’s Manu Maharani Corbett Resort is slicing a niche for themselves with the all-new refurbished menus and cuisines.

Dine in the restaurant or beside the flowing River Koshi or simply laze around the swimming pool, sipping your chilled beverage before or after taking a dip and a splash.

Embark on a culinary journey like never before with every setting, a beautiful space to craft memories in.


People’s Testimonials on Rainy Vacation to Corbett


Romancing the monsoon in Corbett
SHUBHAM MANSINGKA in travelshoebum10 june 2018

The air was heavy in anticipation of the much awaited monsoon that was supposed to be knocking on our doors. I was in the foothills of the Himalayas in the the quaint village of Dhikuli. We waited with bated breath for some respite from the balmy, almost unbearable weather. The mountains were shrouded in a cloak by the clouds. They say ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ After a night spent in coaxing the clouds, it was time to wake up to a green carpet. The rain gods had decided it was time to gently usher in happiness and impart a semblance of coolness to the surroundings.


From a thrilling elephant back safari ……. plan a trip to Jim Corbett National Park this monsoon
Posted at june 2018

It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to head out for a vacation. The summer is almost coming to an end and monsoon is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to travel, especially if adventure tops your itinerary.
And, what better than heading to a forest during the pitter-patter?


Make the most of monsoon magic ……… Visiting the Jim Corbett National Park during the rains can be a rewarding experience
Posted by Arti Kapur Singh in Mint10 june 2018

Imagine a vast expanse of jumbled green vines engulfing ancient trees freshly washed by rain—it’s nothing short of magical. The visual is enough to bust the myth that a holiday in the Jim Corbett National Park during the monsoon can be, literally, a washout. Dominated by valleys and low hills, the region is unbelievably lush and green. Even more so during the monsoon, after the rains have lashed through the intense undergrowth.
The wildlife is just one aspect of the jungle. Tranquillity, clean air, silence and solitude are some of the other luxuries offered by a holiday in the wild. Many may confine themselves to the “wildlife spotting season” from October-May. For me, the monsoon offers a chance to reconnect with nature in all its glory.


An affordable luxury resort Manu Maharani in jim corbett national park is under New Management Pagodas Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. & Marketing Agency Questrails Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Both companies have joined hand together for an initiative called “Lets make Corbett better”

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