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Surrender to nature’s enthralling beauty at Corbett this V day!

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Nature’s lovers, Bird-watchers, Wanderlusters; Corbett is your place to be nestled at, during this season of love. The state is not only home to some of India’s heritage but to the country’s most coveted possession, the national animal, ‘Tiger’. Where, you ask? At the country’s oldest yet one and only, Jim Corbett National Park.

The thirteen thousand acre property is ground to not just Manu Maharani Resort but to undulating hills, shimmering grasslands, eutrophic lakes and riverine belts. What’s more is that this Tiger Reserve is not just home to the Bengal tigers but also to ginormous Elephants, captivatingly feathered birds and many more. The expanse is also enriched with flora.

So if you and your partner are on the sojourn of tapping into your wild side, slip into Pagoda’s Manu Maharani Resort nuzzled in Jim Corbett National Park. Located alongside Kosi River, you’d wake up to chirps and water ripples in your classic cottage rooms offering a sense of rejuvenation like no other. Post a re-energising breakfast at the Resort’s well-managed restaurant, you can venture to where the wifi is absolutely weak, the Dhikala Forest via the Canter Safari. Then, delight in a bonfire for tea or for some night fun. You also have a whole range of indoor/outdoor recreational activities like Badminton, Table Tennis and Pool to choose from. And what’s more is, if you’d like to host a party, an in-house DJ is available too.

Bet you want to tuck into this cocoon of luxury that’s set amidst vibrant nature! What are you waiting for?!

Feel free to contact us. Whenever you have any inquiry, just ask us. We are happy to assist you. If you are our existing customer, we love to hear your experience with us.

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