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Be a sport this holiday… Are you game for it! Enjoy ‘HD Live Sports Screenings’ at Pagoda’s Manu Maharani Corbett Resort.


Remember those days when friends and/or family would gather at one place to view Football or Cricket matches with probably just a Coca Cola and possibly, some Ruffles Lays and lots of cheering, high-fiving and what not.Gone are those days, right! No, most definitely not.

For here is Pagoda’s Manu Maharani Corbett Resort right in the lap of nature’s green, nestled comfortably by the River Koshi and imagine to your wonder; HD TV screenings of live matches worldwide at our very own ‘Be A Sport’ Lounge.

Not only that, get your buddies along and indulge in a muddy match of your choice. ‘Snack and Match’ – be it while playing or watching; munch on delectable of your choice!

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Do you still think, you wish to sit back home and watch the matches; be it football, cricket, even wrestling or kabaddi!

Don’t forget, you pay and you play your passion only at Pagoda’s Manu Maharani Corbett.

Look out for next Indian cricket season too where we will be showing India taking on England from July 3, 2018 onwards.



Live Sports Screening at ‘Be a Sport’ Lounge; Pay to Stay, Watch n Play

‘Snack and Match’ – watch live HD matches while munching on lip-smacking delicacies


People’s Testimonials on Rainy Vacation to Corbett


Romancing the monsoon in Corbett
SHUBHAM MANSINGKA in travelshoebum10 june 2018

The air was heavy in anticipation of the much awaited monsoon that was supposed to be knocking on our doors. I was in the foothills of the Himalayas in the the quaint village of Dhikuli. We waited with bated breath for some respite from the balmy, almost unbearable weather. The mountains were shrouded in a cloak by the clouds. They say ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ After a night spent in coaxing the clouds, it was time to wake up to a green carpet. The rain gods had decided it was time to gently usher in happiness and impart a semblance of coolness to the surroundings.


From a thrilling elephant back safari ……. plan a trip to Jim Corbett National Park this monsoon
Posted at june 2018

It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to head out for a vacation. The summer is almost coming to an end and monsoon is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to travel, especially if adventure tops your itinerary.
And, what better than heading to a forest during the pitter-patter?


Make the most of monsoon magic ……… Visiting the Jim Corbett National Park during the rains can be a rewarding experience
Posted by Arti Kapur Singh in Mint10 june 2018

Imagine a vast expanse of jumbled green vines engulfing ancient trees freshly washed by rain—it’s nothing short of magical. The visual is enough to bust the myth that a holiday in the Jim Corbett National Park during the monsoon can be, literally, a washout. Dominated by valleys and low hills, the region is unbelievably lush and green. Even more so during the monsoon, after the rains have lashed through the intense undergrowth.
The wildlife is just one aspect of the jungle. Tranquillity, clean air, silence and solitude are some of the other luxuries offered by a holiday in the wild. Many may confine themselves to the “wildlife spotting season”